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If you're looking for affordable, professional piano lessons in Katy, Texas, you've come to the right place!  Our customized one-on-one lessons are designed to cater to your learning style, interests, and goals.  We offer year-round piano lessons, in-person and online options, plus a free trial lesson!  Start making beautiful music today!  Join us at Lanis Piano Studio! 


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Bring Music to Life with Lanis

At Lanis Piano Studio, we bring the joy of music to life!  We believe that learning how to play the piano is about more than just mastering chords and notes. It's about creating special moments, celebrating successes, and realizing dreams.  

Our director and teacher, Lanis McWilliams, was inspired from a young age by the works of Paul Dukas, George Gershwin and other musical composers in their ability to capture emotion and storytelling through the art of music.  Since the age of seven, Lanis has dedicated herself to pursuing learning piano and music theory.  With over sixteen years of experience, Lanis aspires to help her students not only develop a passion and appreciation for music through piano, but to also create, express, and enjoy music as a way of life.  When Lanis isn’t instructing, providing accompaniment for a ballet class, or studying the great works of Handel, she can often be found delving into other areas of the arts including writing, drawing, and learning the art of animation.

Houston Christian University - BA in Music, Piano Performance

Music Teachers National Association

Texas Music Teachers Association

Katy Music Teachers Association

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The Studio

At Lanis Piano Studio, we are dedicated to providing first-rate private piano lessons for both children and adults in the Katy area.  We offer our students an environment that is conducive to learning and creativity.  Our studio is a clean, comfortable and inviting space where students can feel safe and inspired.  We provide a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, complete with free Wi-Fi and waiting areas for family and friends.  


Come experience Lanis Piano Studio, with a free trial lesson to get you started.

Lanis Piano Studio is a private studio located in north Katy, Texas in the King Crossing subdivision. The studio is very convenient to:

Ventana Lakes, Katy Pointe, Marcello Lakes, Katy Manor, Camillo Lakes, Sunterra, Elyson...

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